VPS or Shared Web Hosting?

Taking your business online is a huge risk, it could either become an instant success or a wasted effort and it all depends on utilizing the right tools in web hosting. Choosing the right kind of web host provider is one of the important steps in making sure that a site that will be able to deliver superior performance. Availability of the site without any downtime is one way to attract more internet users and you can achieve this with a reliable web host provider.

Budget plays a huge role for companies in choosing the right web host package especially for small and medium scaled enterprises that are still on the early age of the business. This budget restriction is one of the reasons why companies prefer to go for the affordable option without a proper research. Shared web hosting is often the typical choice for most businesses because it is less expansive yet offers the basic benefits that you should expect from a host provider. But is this the best choice for your company?

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are slowly climbing the popularity charts as another alternative in web hosting. In a brief comparison, VPS may cost a little more than shared web hosting but it also provides more benefits. In a shared web hosting environment, a number of users share a common server which can lead into problems especially if your site experience heavy web traffic. On the other hand, users are given their own “virtual space” in VPs setting allowing them to take full charge of its settings and configuration. This freedom to customize enables web masters to make changes or adjustments in case a need for it arises.

In another comparison, shared web hosting provides web administrators with limited access which means you will not be able to utilize your own software and operating system. It also restricts the use of customized security procedures which basically means that you will need to rely on the security software that from the web host provider. With internet security being a sensitive issue, it is very important to choose a hosting solution that will ensure that your website will be safe and secured.

Another thing to look at is the bandwidth and disk space that a shared or VPS hosting provides. The amount of bandwidth and disk space is often determined by the type of hosting package that you sign up for. Expect that it will be limited if you pay a small amount and hope for more options if you go for a more expensive web host package.

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