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4 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Effective Search Engine Optimization is really not that difficult but will take a little knowledge and a keen attention to detail.

Here Are 4 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid:

1. Choose The Wrong Keywords.

Each page of your website should be optimized for only a few keywords or phrases. This page helps you get found every time someone uses a search engine to find the keyword phrases you are optimizing for.

If you optimize your keywords correctly, you probably will get increased traffic to the website from looking for the type of products and services you offer. However, if you optimize for the “wrong” keywords, you won’t get an increase in traffic or can be found by the wrong audience altogether.

Using a keyword research tool, you can determine how many times per month certain keyword phrases are searched. This is important because you don’t want to optimize your web pages for terms that no one cares about.

Also, you must type each keyword phrase on Google (or search engine of your choice) to see what results you find. If the results show you the pages that relate to your own, you’re on the right track.

If the results are completely irrelevant, you should avoid optimizing for keyword phrases and search terms that are more targeted.

4 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid2. Stuff Too Many Keywords in Your Meta Tags

It is far better to be known for a few keywords than it is to be missed by hundreds…Narrow your keywords and try to use only a few keywords per page. Remember that in order for the keyword meta tag to be efective, it has to correlate to the keywords in the content of the page. There is no way you can optimize each page for more that a few keywords, so don’t bother stuffing a massive ammount of keywords in your meta tags. You are better off to have more pages, and optimize each page for a specific keyword or phrase.

3. Forget to Include The Title On Your Web Pages.

Each page of your website should have a title page also called “meta-title page.” This information will be added to the HTML code itself and can be found at the top of the page.

The title page serves many different purposes. First, it will be displayed at the top of the browser window to let visitors know the type of information is expected on the page. It also helps search engines and human visitors know what content is expected.

This is why it is essential that you include a title page that your keyword phrases to optimize.

The title page will appear every time someone finds your pages by using search engines. The title Information Page which is used for the link, is a blue clickable link and will find your page.

Forgetting to include page titles can cause search engines to add the term, “Untitled Document” on your page. It looks quite unprofessional and can hamper your ability to be found for important keyword phrases as well.

4. Using The Same Page Title On All Pages.

Too often, I see the webmaster using the exact same page title on every page of this site.

Remember that search engines index each page of your site, not your overall site. Your “meta title page” should include a keyword phrase you want to optimize the pages for, and each page should be optimized for a set of key phrases that pertain to the content of each page.

While there is more to effective search engine optimization, avoid these common mistakes and it can help you outperform many sites that use them.

If you are careful to do thorough keyword research, you will find a set of keyword phrases that will bring you targeted traffic and new businesses.

5 Ideas For a Successful Website

A website acts as an image for your business and hence it is essential to portray a good picture of yourself by creating a good looking and functioning websites. In this blog we will give some tips that you should follow in order to have a successful website.

1. Most Important: A clean and professional website
When a user visits your site, they should immediately understand that your website means business. Imagine yourself visiting some website and noticing a bad design, broken links and difficult navigation. What will you do in such a case? You will exit the browser or switch to another website. Hence, having a website with great design, professional look and feel is very important. Visitors should be able to navigate easily and find the information that they are looking for. Having a good looking website also helps increase the conversion rate. Believe it or not, looks do matter on the internet.

2. Update content regularly
People constantly look for information over the internet and want to read good articles and blog with latest news and updates. Apart from content, having an old phone number or an office address might also cost you dearly. Your customers may be trying to reach you by looking at the old phone number on your website. This creates a bad name for you as the customers will complain about poor customer service. Hence, it is necessary to keep the updated information on the website and help your customers achieve what they want to do.

3. Establish clear calls to action
Every website should have a desired objective for the visitor whether it is selling a product, signing up a news letter or completing a contact us form. Call to action is not only limited to ecommerce site but every website should be able to engage the audience. A visitor on the website should get an idea of what your business is about and what you want them to do on the website.

4. Use analytics for your website
A analytic loot helps you measure your performance, gives you a better understanding of which pages are performing better than the other. With the help of analytic tool you can determine what changes you need to make on the website. If you realize that your visitors are exiting the website from a particular page more often, you need to make that page more interactive, include a call to action or change that page completely.

5. Making a website search engine friendly
Search engines ranking are very important as that is one of the key ways your users are going to find you on the internet, The internet has millions of website including yours, and search engines is a way by which you users will find you site. Having a good search engine ranking will increase the number of visitors you get on your site. Make sure everything from your content and URLs to your code is targeting keywords correctly. Search engines are taking page load times into account now, so make sure yours loads as fast as it possibly can.

6. Bonus Point…Have a fast loading website.
Slow loading pages can be very annoying. They are a test of users’ patience. Move your website onto Coast Internet Publishing’s high speed servers for fast loading times.

6 Ways to Attract Visitors to your Website

We at Coast Internet know that you need to be able to attract visitors to your site in order to be successful on the internet. We also know that this can be a tricky process since the web and search engines on the web are constantly changing. If you are new to owning your own site or are in the process of starting one up there are several steps and tips you can learn in order to help drive and increase visitor traffic to your site. If you follow these steps and learn how to expand from us you will ultimately have a well established website on the internet.

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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

For those of you using our SEO services you may want to upgrade your SEO strategy, for those of you not using our services read on.

No matter how many SEO services or internet marketing tactics are employed for your site, there is no substitute for quality content. Search engine optimization, as a part of your internet marketing campaign, is only as effective as the quality and usefulness of your site’s content.

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