6 Ways to Attract Visitors to your Website

We at Coast Internet know that you need to be able to attract visitors to your site in order to be successful on the internet. We also know that this can be a tricky process since the web and search engines on the web are constantly changing. If you are new to owning your own site or are in the process of starting one up there are several steps and tips you can learn in order to help drive and increase visitor traffic to your site. If you follow these steps and learn how to expand from us you will ultimately have a well established website on the internet.

1.  Make sure your site is complete. If you are building a site you want to have it complete before you start driving traffic to it. To many times have people published a site that is not done and as a result the visitors turn away due to inadequate content. We all know that publishing a website is exciting, but you want to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before launching it.

2.  Submit your site to search engines. Once your site is complete you want to have it indexed as fast as possible with the major search engines, so potential visitors will be able to locate it on the web. When doing this, submit your site to only the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Smaller search engines like Dogpile feed off the larger ones, so if your site is indexed with Google, the smaller ones will automatically find it.

3.  Submit articles that pertain to your sites content. Article posting is a good way to get your site known to the web community and at the same time allows you and your site to build up respect with your visitors. When submitting articles make sure you always add a link back to your site for the source of the article so interested readers can view your site for more information. Another Article tactic you can use is to submit “Starter Articles” to where the reader must visit your site in order to finish the article. This tactic is similar to news paper columns that have you go to a different page in order to finish the story. Article writing is something you should do on a continued basis well after your site is established. Most Webmasters will write a couple of articles a week in order to have fresh content and to attract new visitors.

4.  List your site with web directories. Directories are different than search engines because they list your site by subject or category and not by the keywords of your site. They also allow you to describe your site in more detail so visitors can get a more in-depth feel for your site. Most directories have a screening process so to make sure your site gets accepted always have fresh and unique content. Many people will search directories instead of search engines because they know what category they are looking for.

5.   Join and Post on Forum Sites. Forum sites are a great place to post comments and answer questions people may have. Most all forums will allow you to create a signature to where to can place a link to your site. Each time you post a topic or answer a question your signature gets posted as well. Just as with the articles, if you post interesting and unique content people will click on your signature link and go to your site fro more information. Posting on forums is also a great place to meet other webmasters and is something you should do throughout the course of your websites life. Most webmasters will join several forums that pertain to their sites content in order to maximize their traffic. When posting on forums be sure to post constructively. Never spam these sites with irrelevant content and then try to post your websites link. This will not only potentially get you banned from these sites, but will also hurt your websites reputation.

6.  Last but not least, always adapt to the changes. The steps above are great ways to get your site known on the internet and help attract a large range of visitors, but if you want to have a lasting position on the web you need to be able to adapt to its ever changing ways. With the steps above you eventually will need to branch out and mold them into a way that benefits your site the most and maximizes the niche your site is in.