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Plan for the Growth of Your Website with VPS Hosting

As you compare the wide variety of web hosting services available, you will probably look for the most competitively priced solution that can support your existing website. If you can cope with the bandwidth and disk space limitations of a shared hosting plan, for example, you pay less for hosting services, without compromising performance.

But what if your website changes over the next month or over the next year? If you create an interesting website people love to visit, your traffic will grow. When that happens, make sure you are prepared with the hosting services you need.

Virtual private servers (VPS hosting) are available at a price close to that of a shared hosting plan. For a few more dollars per month, you can be confident that your hosting service can handle your traffic today, and also as it increases.

What type of web hosting does your website need today?

Even outside of business, we all prioritize our most immediate needs. The future is uncertain and can sometimes be intimidating, but our current problems seem much more intense. As a result, many webmasters choose web hosting services with only their immediate needs in mind.

The reality is that an online business changes quickly. If you are launching a new sales channel for your existing organization, or even starting a brand new business online, it is possible for your website to get very popular, very fast.

Of course, you should always start with what your website needs today. But even if your website does not attract large volumes of traffic or use lots of bandwidth, VPS hosting could still be the best choice for your current needs.

VPS web hosting uses a process known as virtualization to give each user their own fully isolated compartment of a hardware server, with its own operating system. For companies that need to meet data compliance regulations,VPS hosting is the most affordable way to implement robust and reliable security. A virtual server is also a great way to ensure that any sensitive or confidential data on your hosting account is suitably protected against theft.

For security you can depend on, choose VPS web hosting. Then, as you begin to attract more visitors to your website, you will also be ready to give them the most responsive service, all of the time.

VPS hosting can support a growing website with high traffic

When somebody connects to your website, the hardware that powers your hosting service needs to complete a range of different tasks. Every task requires a combination of different system resources, such as CPU, RAM, and disk space. The more visitors you have at any given moment, the more of these resources you will need to use. If you run complex web applications that include a lot of server-side processing, you need more resources still.

If you do not have the resources you need, the performance of your website will suffer. Suddenly, exploring your products slows to a crawl, with pages taking a long time to load or – worse – timing out and not loading at all.

The theory of affordable shared hosting is that you can access an entire hardware server’s resources if they are required by your account. However, this would only be possible if there were no other websites on the same server. In practice, your neighbors could be using large amounts of hardware power, leaving your visitors to suffer the consequences of underpowered hosting.

With a VPS hosting plan, you are allocated a fixed amount of hardware power for your account. The RAM and CPUincluded in your package is exclusively yours, always available to give your visitors the experience they demand. In many ways, VPS web hosting offers the consistent performance of a dedicated server, but in a more affordable shared environment.

Start with VPS web hosting to avoid a complex migration

Ask any webmaster: The process of moving from one web hosting service to another is incredibly stressful. Although most hosting companies will support you and even offer hands-on assistance during this time, moving large quantities of data and changing domain settings can cause unexpected problems.

One of these problems is downtime. Your visitors will be frustrated if your website starts to respond slowly as the result of increased traffic. However, making your website unavailable, even for just a few hours, is sure to result in lost business.

As you explore the different web hosting services available, compare the price of an entry-level VPS hosting service to that of shared hosting. Estimate the price difference realistically over the course of 12 months.

You will probably find that you can get VPS hosting at a price that still works for your budget. Those few extra dollars give you more control, better security, and an isolated operating system. Most importantly, those few dollars can give you peace of mind and confidence to grow your business online.

Get a reliable VPS hosting plan from Coast Internet Publishing (CIP)

As a professional VPS hosting provider with years of experience, CIP offers reliable and responsive VPSweb hosting plans with generous resource allowances. Even as the scale and popularity of your website grows, you can depend on a CIP VPS hosting service to support your business.

Customers can choose from a range of tiered VPS hosting plans, from entry-level solutions priced for small budgets, to more powerful VPS web hosting solutions that rival a basic dedicated server plan.

Every CIP VPS hosting service is deployed on leading hardware with an unrivaled 100% network uptime guarantee. CIP VPS hosting is also covered by a 45-day money-back guarantee, and comes with 24/7/365 expert support.

For more information on VPS hosting plans from Coast Internet Publishing, call 1-604-866-5800