Web Design – 5 Things You Need To Avoid!

Developing a website is no simple task. And there are a slew of considerations that you need to consider and employ in order to make sure your web presence is a success. However, in addition to that, there are also some key things that you need to make sure that you don’t-do in order to ensure the same.
Here are some common elements that you should best avoid in your website design:
  1. Excessive Multimedia Content
    One of the latest trends to have hit the world wide web is the use of rich & interactive multimedia content. Plaintive text content has become a thing of the past as modern web pages sport audio and video content nowadays however, if not implemented carefully, they can serve to do more harm than good. Excessive use of multimedia content will not only prolong the load time of the web pages but also make it difficult for your visitors to access information. They might prefer text-content that they can readily read than waiting for the video to get buffered. Therefore, use multimedia content very responsibly!
  2. Be Careful with PDFs
    PDFs are no doubt a great way to allow your visitors to take home some content. However, even with faster cables and DSL connections, it can take a long time to download PDF files and visitors may not be that patient. Moreover, there are chances that they don’t have the right Acrobat Reader version. Therefore be careful while using PDFs. Provide them only when they are absolutely necessary and warn your visitors that the download process will take time so they are better prepared for the same.
  3. Use Original Photographs
    Images on your website is what adds the visual appeal to the design and this is what people notice. And if you have used stock photographs, the ones that are free and can be used by anyone anywhere on the web, visitors will just know that you are not serious enough. Using stock photography on your business website is like hosting your website on blogger.com. Therefore, be professional and use only original and premium quality images.
  4. Cracking Code
    Often designers are tempted to use any design code that works and skip the labor of developing a more complex code pattern that may be required by the website. But stop right there. Cranky codes may work for the website but they tend to make it look amateurish and unprofessional. And its as good as having no web presence at all because potential clients would never contact you anyways!
  5. No Updates or New Features
    Website design is not a one-time process. You cannot just design a website, place it on the internet and lay back and relax. If you want to have a powerful web presence, then designing a website is only the start of the journey. You need to feed your website with new content on regular basis in order to banish stagnation. Moreover search engines need fresh content that they can index otherwise your website will pushed down the charts of search results.